Eats. Shoots. Leaves.

I'm in search of red. Big, hyper colour autumny red. 

Unfortunately, for whatever reason Autumn does not seem to be forthcoming on the big colours yet this year - gardeners and meteorologists would be able to explain further I'm sure.

Anyway, this didn't stop us hitting Hyde Park to hunt out some exciting leaf action in the lungs of London. Despite the mild weather, the light wasn't great, but we pushed on navigating the whole of the Serpentine with a stop 2017 Pavilion designed by Francis Kéré. From there it was onto the Kensington Palace for an ice cream (in October) and then to Queensway.

I'd not been to Covent Garden in a while, and not much has changed except for a few new streets mid revamp around the main piazza (blokes in metallic garb floating in mid-air still available) and the inevitable wave of Hygge inspired bakeries.

Home stretch and back through Chinatown past buskers and Pikachu clad unfortunates to the tube before tired legs led to any sort of meltdowns. Which come to think of it would be the most red I would have seen all day.

Perhaps next weekend?


Tech Corner:
Mostly Zeiss 85mm with a wodge of Sony 35m f1.4