Up Town Boy.


After a week of admin, Facebook ad running and general sorting, I decided to get up to that there London for a spot of light street work. Light wasn't great (yeah, it's October...) but by the time i'd got to Little Venice via Spitalfields, Barbican and Notting Hill the sun was out. About 5 hours too late. Sigh.

Anyway, I made the FitBit happy (25k!) and enjoyed catching Londoners grabbing lunch - the smells in the Market were amazing - and got to visit my old haunts around the Barbican with it's disappearing horizons and dank corners. 

Oh, and one thing I noticed. Everyone - and I mean everyone - is glued to their phones. Hence plenty of images of them.

Tech Corner:
Mostly a combo of the Zeiss 85 and Sony 35 today, with the odd Zeiss 25 thrown in.