Rectangles and Right Angles.

They're everywhere. After my last trip up to town to go a shootin', I mentioned that one thing that resonated was the sheer number of people spending all their time staring at a little bright rectangle made of plastic in their hand. 

We're all guilty of it.

Yesterday was no different. Every stealthy street shot seemed to be so mobile-centric, I started to look for people who weren't glued to an iPhone. And it's difficult. Really difficult.

But apart from avoiding the screen time, the mission this time out was to spend some time exploring my old ITV years haunts of the South Bank, walking from London Bridge station along and across and through Soho to my evening at the BFI offices hosted by the RAW Brothers (check em out).

Along the way, as a little challenge, I decided to work on some interesting angles for shots at the new extension of the Tate Modern, which is made for these things with its odd shape and interesting light. 

I don't know if it's not living there now, but London seems brighter, smarter and more expensive than it used to be. Even the cheapest restaurant or bar is extravagantly themed or decked out now. Oddly, most of them around Soho and Charlotte Street seemed a little empty, but offices still appeared to have people slogging away in them at 6 in the evening. No change there.

Maybe it's a city thing - not London per se - but after another day walking around documenting life, everyone seems a little disconnected, which is ironic considering the rectangles in the palm of their hands.

Perhaps we need a new angle on things.

Tech Corner:

Sony A7RII
Zeiss Batis 85mm
Sony Zeiss 35mm
Sony Zeiss 55mm