Trading Places - Borough and Camden Market.

Another day, another trip into town for meets and greets, plus the opportunity to do some more street work.

Just by chance, my first port of call after catching up with the lovely Emma from Ladybird Flowers ( was Borough Market which was just opening for the day.

Already packed with tourists, it was the right time to be around with people starting to lunch and shop. The smells were amazing, but I was on a bit of a snapping mission, so saved myself for a slightly soulless Pret sandwich later (regrets...)

I've only ever been down Borough a few times in recent years, but even though it's got a bit touristy, it still feels like a thriving, working place with plenty of authentic energy - making it easy picking for fun photography.

Unlike Camden. Hmm. Well. Ok.

Obviously, it's a got a reputation as a 'place to see' in London, but the market there is going through a massive change at the moment. Even since the last time we dropped by about a year ago, big gentrification is afoot.

The main eating area outside which had a ramshackle charm, has now been rejigged into neat (albeit attractive) rows of little, stylised stalls, and chains such as Honest Burger have started moving in. It's not terrible, but you can see a day further down the line where the rough edges have been smoothed away and it's become a sort of Richard Curtis version of what came there before.

Not sure if this affected what I was seeing through the camera, but I certainly came away with much more exciting shots of Borough than Camden. 

Tech Corner:

Sony A7RII
Zeiss Batis 85mm (mostly)
Sony Zeiss 35mm