On the Vyne.

How many times have you been on the roof of a Tudor mansion? Yeah, me too.

A sunny Sunday and the usual post-Christmas blues/lack of funds led us Worsfold's to don our bobble hats and scarfs and dig out the National Trust cards. Our destination this time? The Vyne near fashionable Basingstoke, a 16th-century country house which until further inspection seems to suffer from a huge amount of scaffolding and having 'some men in'.

However, once you're there you realise you're in for a bit of treat. The whole roof of the entire building is being restored and instead of just covering it over, the NT have done something different -  you can go up in an exciting lift (or walk off those mince pie by going up the stairs) and wander around the scaffolding looking down on the work going on and see an open heart surgery happing on a Tudor mansion in front of your own eyes. As always, the many volunteer staff were engaging, helpful and informative, and history buff daughter got loads out of it.

Post rooftop shenanigans and a wheel around the work-in-progress restoration on the lower internal levels, we took a stroll around the lovely lake with a spot of impromptu twitching in a bird bunker - or whatever they call it - overseeing the wetlands. I saw no Porgs.

Apparently, the rooftop walk is being closed next month, so if you fancy a look I'd get down there. We'll certainly be back to see how the place looks when it's 'finished', and perhaps just a little less chilly...

Tech corner:
For wandering around, the Sony Zeiss 35mm f1.4 was the main fellow, but one the roof I brought out the Zeiss Batis 25mm for some extra width.