'Ditch the weather.

Monday. A really wet one. No one likes those.

But meetings wait for no man, and a catch up in Hoxton meant an opportunity to get up early and do a bit of shooting around the area leading from Liverpool Street, Shoreditch and back again.

No one looks happy in the rain, but it does give you another vista to work with - usually umbrellas and hats - but a certain look with the reds of yer average London bus shone through the gloom.

It's been a while since I walked around Shoreditch properly (i'm really not cool enough to be there... they check your passport you know) but it does seem to be the graffiti area of town now. One chap was doing it broad daylight proper licenced style - although he did have the air of Clem Fandango.

Perhaps it's always been and I've just never noticed? Whatever, I was delighted to see the amount of anti-Trump work. Protest art ain't dead just yet.

But in usual street style, this allowed for loads of people/street art juxtapositions along with the usual substantial facial furniture, small dogs being dragged along and fashionistas looking like they had plenty of places to be but nothing important to say.

Best bit? Bumping into a fellow photographer in the form of the friendly Khalid from Michigan who was bravely rocking a film Leica with a tasty 35mm. Good work, sir and nice to meet you. 

He's the guy below in the orange jacket. Check him out here - mad skills.

I finished off in Spitalfields and despite only having been there a few months back, it had a different feel on a wet Monday in February - more subdued, not as many tourists but no less interesting. 

It might be a bit obvious from a street photography POV, but I'm definitely going to be back to Shoreditch for a shoot when the weather improves and the colours come out. Sometime in about 3 months I guess.

Might just need to grow a more impressive beard in the meantime...

Tech Corner:
Pretty much all 85mm Batis on this one apart from 55mm around Liverpool Street.