I've got a bike, you can ride it if you like.

Ok, so the eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that Syd Barrett was not famous for hailing from Oxford - today's street shoot destination - rather it's arch-rival Cambridge.

However, that lyric - as erroneous and misleading as it is - does neatly sum up my day in the city of dreaming spires, universities, Morse and most importantly to me - Radiohead.

The bike thing. I know it's pretty obvious, but they are everywhere. To the point that it's difficult to get a shot without one in. I tried. The only way was to shoot up, and I'm pretty sure one flew past into the frame with an undergraduate attached. So I gave in and embraced my two-wheeled nemesis and cracked on.

Despite it being a chilly 5/6 degrees all day, the sun was out and it was lovely to get some natural light into the images. Jumping off the bus, I headed straight through to Radcliffe Camera, with its usual array of tourists dancing around for selfies and bored looking school parties. 

I then (with no particular plan) just wandered around the main area of town, down the High Street capturing workers, waifs and strays and the odd non chocolately minstrel, before a dash of lunch - try to spot an lesser spotted selfie in the pics below. As mentioned previously, being a total Radiohead nut, I decided to do a detour down St. John Street, where it's rumoured that Thom Yorke lives. It's a pretty nice street just behind the Ashmolean, and not very rock star but then that's kind of what I expected. No guitar-shaped swimming pools were noted.

I was pretty determined today to catch some punts (that's punts), so despite it being a bit a stride, I wandered down to the Magdalen Bridge and found what looked like the only 6 or so in Oxford. Must be the time of year. Anyway, tick!

Finally, as it was right there I poked my head around the door of the Botanical Garden for a few shots - it was a bit bare, but I'll look forward to coming back again later in the year when its a bit more colourful. 

So dodging a few more of those pesky bikes, I hurried back to the bus getting a few little candids whilst waiting for the number 400 Park and Ride. 

I've always enjoyed going to Oxford, but this was the first time I'd done a sustained street session, and there's plenty of interest photography wise, but a word of warning - it always involves two wheels.

Ding ding!

Tech Corner:
Everyone got involved today. Zeiss Batis 25/85, and the Sony 35/55 combos all saw action.