London underground

Just a little Taste.

It must be the time of year. Summer months always mean festivals, and these events tend to go hand in hand with food and drink.

So for the second time in two weeks, the kit-bag got packed for a foodie festival, this time capturing images for Chang Beer at Taste of London in Regent's Park.

The brief was thankfully simple - on stand shots of people enjoying the great taste of Chang (apols Duffman), lots of shots around the park of festival goers getting a little tipsy but also making sure I captured some of the meat-tastic bbq action at the aptly named 'Fire Pit' where much beef was burnt (Top tip - never season a steak with pepper before cooking - only use salt otherwise you burn it!)

Apart from the awful light on the day - our English summer sun had yet to materialise - it was great fun and I came away with a keg-sized amount of shots for Chang and a stomach full of world-class food to my name. I also smelt like a barbeque.

Anyway, here's my selection of the shots from the day. Hats off to Daisy, Malvina and Serena at The Smalls and thanks to Kenny at Chang.

Tech Corner:

All the usuals - Zeiss Batis 25mm for a couple of wide shots, a few bits of Zeiss 35mm and then that Batis 85mm for the rest.

By George. It's England today

I have mixed feelings about St. George's Day.

On one hand, it's nice to have a day of the year that's 'yours' and the Irish have made a worldwide phenomenon of St. Patricks Day (and everyone seems to have a wonderful time...), however on the other I'm no fan of jingoism and - so sue me - I'm not particularly patriotic when it comes to chest beating and flags.

So, on this day of commemorating the most English of Saints (except he wasn't really, and he didn't slay a god-damn dragon either, people) I thought my way of summing up what it meant to be English could be really well served by hitting London and surveying our melting pot culture (yes, we have one Ms May...)

I'd wanted to go shooting down the tube for a while, and Baker Street station - with its beautiful ceiling - seemed like a great place to start, so following on from catching a few unhealthy, gasping smokers outside Paddington, I sat down and snapped away as the many Brits on the go in London embarked and disembarked their tubes. 

I could have sat there for ages, but a quick bite called so I dropped into the South Bank to catch the usual joggers - presumably still lost from the London Marathon - and lunchers down by the waterside.

Any station is good stalking ground for candids (as long as you don't get caught...) and so just as I turned to go back home I spent a bit of time on the platforms of Waterloo.

Seeing the people of London, with all their nationalities, colours and different ways of life did make me think again. Since St. George was a Roman - with Turkish and Syrian parents - who never visited England, is both a Christian saint and a Muslim and Jewish prophet too, perhaps he does symbolise modern England a bit more than we think, but in a totally different way that might be suspected - and that's Alanis Morissette grade ironic.

Now, can we all just have a day off?

Tech Corner:
After my manual fun and games (stop that, Ed) I was back in AF world today with both 25mm and 85mm Zeiss Batis seeing action and the Sony 55mm popping up on occasions too.