The 'Enders in sight.

All photographers have a style. A bit like painters or musicians or writers, we have a certain way of doing things with a certain view of the world which leads to our own distinct look. 

Now, that sounds a little pompous (and it is), but in the real world, it just means I'm better at some things than others. Off the hoof, real-life, natural light reportage work - check, check, check! Happy people enjoying events, weddings etc - give me a call!

Static portrait shots of celebrities with a 20-minute turnaround. Errrmm...

But, like all things in life say YES, stretch yourself and good things happen. So when my old chums at Three needed some headshots of ex-Eastender Ross Kemp for their new Wuntu campaign (which launches on digital outdoor today!) I dusted down the flash and white backgrounds and took care of business.

Like I said, it was all over quickly, and Ross was very accommodating even when my Sony A7RII battery locked up the whole camera for a minute (note to self on that).

I learnt a load about pressured studio timeframes and quick lighting setups with a celebrity and re-learnt that, as with a lot of things, in at the deep end is the best way. Turns out, even though studio portrait photography is a different discipline to my usual, it's one I'd like to do more of.

The shot I've included here didn't make the final cut for the campaign work - which are a load more cheerful - but it's the one from a portrait point of view that I liked the most. It couldn't be more Mitchell.

Technically, I'm really pleased with how the shoot came out, and the results from the Sony 55mm are really tack-sharp: make sure you give Ross a click above to see all the detail.

Now, where's Phil?

Thanks to Sarah Smith at Three, Oliver Rosicourt at Wieden and Kennedy and special big shout to Richard Humphries for lighting and moral support!


Tech Corner:

Sony A7RII (with annoying battery fail)
Sony 55mm f1.8
Godox TT685S flash with extra LED's for rear lighting