Station to Station.

It's been two whole years today since the passing of the great David Bowie, and frankly, the world has gone to pot in the meantime. 

That's not a hugely cheerful opening, but as my birthday tribute to The Dame, I thought a homage was due. So taking the title of his 10th album - Station to Station - a little too literally, I made my way up to that London town for another bout of street 'togging around the capital's rail hubs.

First port of call wasn't anything to do with rail transit (doh!), but a visit to Leadenhall, with its shoe shiners and myriad of tourists who all seemed to be performing photoshoots - honestly, what's wrong with people?

The onto the stations: a quick march down to Liverpool Street - via many vapers and city types - found me overlooking the platform looking down which was a great vantage point to capture plenty of confused travellers looking at LED boards wondering if that train would ever actually arrive.

Then a couple of stops up was my next destination: the newly swanky Kings Cross. It's a completely different place to a few years back, and that new concourse ceiling is the nuts. It really is the most photogenic in London I think. I then moved out of the station and up to the new Quarter area which is really coming alive with trendy people and new posh offices for big companies like Google. The whole area felt really buzzy and people seemed happy in the sunshine - one nice chap even wanted his portrait taken!

Going back into Kings Cross, I had the chance to get a few snaps of the underground Passage with its brilliant light wall - for full Doctor Who type action.

My final destination was back home via Paddington - station number three of the day - which was just getting busy with the early commuters of the day.

And that was it. Another fun day of capturing the capital and my own little homage to Diamond Dave. I'm pretty sure it's not up to his artistic standard, but hopefully, he'd think it was a little hunky dory.


Tech Corner:
For once, the Sony 35mm didn't get a bit of action today, and the Batis 25/85 pairing were the weapons of choice. Good old Sony 55mm got involved for a couple of shots too.