Shaken & stirred at Rock The Farm.


When you think of cocktail events, a potato farm in Herefordshire is probably not the first place that springs to mind.

However, Chase Distillery is not your usual farm. Begun by William Chase - the man behind Tyrrell's crisps - the distillery had it's first harvest of potato vodka in 2008 and hasn't looked back since, to the point that it even has its own festival on site called Rock The Farm.

Featuring specialist talks, live acts, glamping, a touch of yoga and most importantly 'The Chase Cup' - a global cocktail competition featuring young competitors from Australia to Spain to Chicago competing in front of a live audience and judges. Like X Factor with gin.

My role on the day (to paraphrase Spinal Tap) was to document the sights, sounds and smells of Rock The Farm from every drop of vodka going into the splendid cocktails to the last bangers emanating from the DJ's late in the night.

Of course, the main event was the Chase Cup itself, and after a whittling down from 13 contestants, an exciting 'mystery box' round (think Ready Steady Cook with booze) fought between the 3 semi-finalists, the eventual winner was found: George Cook from Heston Blumenthal's 'Dinner by Heston' in Melbourne.

The 13 Chase Cup contestants.

The 13 Chase Cup contestants.

Awards given, it was time for the evening entertainment and acts onstage ran the eclectic gamut from singer-songwriter Nathan Ball, through the horn-tastic Bring your Own Brass moving through to wall to wall Ibiza bangers (and themed dancers) of Superfoxx plus the inflatable banana grooves of Son of Kong.



Tuesday morning and an early visit back to site to capture the hangovers (it was a drinks industry festival hence 'a bit messy') and the on-site yoga session, which considering everything was pretty well attended.

And that was that, and an interesting lesson learnt - cocktails, banging tunes and festival vibes aren't just for your metropolitan types - all can be had on farms in Herefordshire if you look hard enough.

Anyway, here’s some more pics of the day bunched into delicate shot sized chunks. Cheers!

Setting up and Workshops.

The Chase Cup.

Music and more.

The morning after.

Tech Corner:

The full kit pretty much - from the Zeiss Batis 25mm for the wide shots, to the Sony Zeiss 55mm for the Chase Cup close-ups to the Batis 85mm for pretty much everything else.

Not the #fakenews. Hot off the Worsfold press.

Cue rotating papers, slick-haired New Yorkers in trilbies, the tip-tap of the typewriter and much fast talking, because yes - there is news! With exclamations marks! 


Apple News.

The news is News. Apple News to be exact. Yes, you can now get all this blogging and box-fresh Worsfold imagery straight to your iPhone X (if you're minted) or any other Apple device that might be slightly mobile. 

So, go to that home screen, swipe left and search for 'Worsfold Photos' or more conveniently, click this link:

Pow. I'm on like a gazillion devices. Cool.

In other news...


How can you get more out of your friendly neighbourhood urban lifestyle photographer? Well, like any king, pope or wealthy aristocrat of history, you can become a patron. 

So, feel free to listen to your inner Guggenheim or Saatchi and get involved. Even a measly $1 a month (that's about 70p in real money) supports the endangered creative photographer in today's cut-throat world - cue tiny violin...

Anyway, what can you get for your cash?

Well, check out the link below but apart from a simple support, you can get hi-res versions of the images, custom wallpaper for your device, Lightroom presets to play with (if you're into that sort of thing...) plus extra exclusive content all the way up to a portrait shot or London shoot day. 

As Patroen is a newish platform, I'm sticking my toe in the water here, and the Rewards will change/shift around depending on interest, so even if you don't see anything that tickles your fancy, keep coming back! 

However, it is a cool way to build a community of people interested in photography and support the images I take. 

So, check it out and let me know what you think. And do feel free to sign up - thank you in advance in you do!

Finally, all news shows end with a story about a dog eating custard or something similar to sign off. I don't have anything silly to talk about, but if I could remind you guys that if you're on Instagram do 'follow' the following feed, ithankyouverymuch.

And now for the weather...


Ah, snap!

Yashica 635 camera on wooden bench

Let’s call it bi-polar career choices. 

In these fluid and slightly scary times, it’s been increasing popular (and in some case necessary) to redefine what you do for a living outside of the 9-5 PAYE box. Why should you only do one job? Why should you only be known for one thing?

For instance, I’ve spent 20 years working as first a designer, then a creative and finally a sort of pseudo brand positioning type. 

It’s all good (apart from the first one nowadays… there’s a whole blog on the state of the design industry upcoming) but by the time you get to your creaking 40’s – or 30’s for that matter – you realise you’ve got other things you can do, and want to do - all at the same time.

So, when the redundancy train pulled out of Three earlier this year, I hopped on and decided I’d do two things. 

One was Story – a consultancy where I help position and tell the story of brands, products and services from a no BS customer centric angle. Do check it out - I’m up and running, working on projects and ready to help.

Secondly, it was the chance to take on the ‘passion project’ and make it real. 

I’ve spent years with a camera glued to my face, and often the outcome of this got used for business purposes (for Three, ITV, Goldman Sachs and Great Ormond Street) but mostly it was photography to make me, and other people happy. Why shouldn’t you do something you love for a living too?

So, welcome to Worsfold. Bold Lifestyle Photography For Every Event.
The other side of the coin for me which launches today.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an event, wedding, family shoot or that organic free trade coffee shop launch you need capturing, I can be there. With a focus on informal setups and natural light, I love capturing moments of pure life – because photography (and life) shouldn’t be boring. It should be happening. And that’s what I want to bring – a happening to your happening.

But the pics are the thing, so check out:

This is day one and like any other exciting journey, I don’t know where it’s going – that’s the fun bit. But if you want to work with me on either branding or photography (or both, content image support anyone?) I’ll be there bringing creativity and some bold visuals whatever. 

Ping me a mail at either or and let’s see what we can do together.

But back to my original point: You don’t have to define your career by one thing – I think two is much more fun. 

Let's get snapping.