Sun and Shadows.

Ah... London in the sunshine.

Well, it's not Paris in the Springtime really, but it's got a charm all of its own. As the sun was out (as indeed were some 'guns' too), it was a day of making good use of natural light and chasing some shadows after a period of somewhat on and off weather. 

The best place - apart from perhaps Tate Modern - for some ace shadows is always The Barbican to my mind, so after a much-delayed train (2 hours from Maidenhead across town - really Crossrail can only come soon enough...) I had a pre-lunch stroll around London's very own concrete jungle as the workers came out for some sort of avocado-based fuel.

I didn't have a huge plan after my cheap arse Co-op sandwich, so I went for my default position and walked down to Hoxton and Shoreditch for a few snaps and finally - finally - went down Brick Lane. Not sure why I hadn't been before for street opportunities as opposed to curry, but it didn't disappoint. Can feel a whole afternoon down there coming up...

The sun held for the rest of the day and school run notwithstanding I could have spent hours wandering about, but time waits for no photographer, so via Boxpark, I dragged myself back to Liverpool Street for a few last shots and then home.

It's always interesting that going to the same places at different times of the year in different weather conditions can throw up such differing shots. (That's a whole lot of difference)

Whilst that shouldn't be too surprising, when I compare this set of images to previous shoots out this way they are quite at odds with each other. Which is good!

Anyway, with all that said, it was good to get out and recharge the batteries and if my aim was to get some sun, and see some shadows it was mission accomplished.

Tech Corner:
Two lenses on show today - the Zeiss 85mm and the Sony 55.