Moments.To life.

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It’s a big world out there.
Like really big. 

And sometimes this big old world, with all its people, events and goings on needs documenting. Needs capturing right that second.

 With a focus on a journalistic, cinematic style and natural light, I love grabbing these moments. Be it a brand launch, an awards event or an offbeat wedding, I’m ready for that small slice of time – that moment, brought to life.

An eye for the moment.

Everyone has a camera in their pocket, so why am I any different?

It’s all about the winning combo. It’s having a decades-old eye for design, composition and creativity, it’s the ability to be in that split second telling a story with a camera, and it’s the love of making the image as beautiful as possible – bring Hollywood to everyday life.

The moment is everything. And so is making it look amazing.


Who loves the moment? The good people of the following companies and institutions.

The finger on the shutter.

That’s me below. My name’s Graeme.

For twenty long years, I've worked firstly as a graphic designer, then a creative, then a brand storyteller (which I do as well - check it out here)

I’ve worked for people you haven’t heard of, and other types - like ITV and Three - that you certainly have. And for those projects, it’s always been the same story: a fusion of arresting image, bold fun copy and fearless design chops that brings a moment to life for a client.

And my photography’s the same. Shots that pop. Images that win. And a moment captured.

So how do i work?

Fast and smart.

Because every moment matters, I’ve made sure I’ve got the latest mirrorless kit and wireless tech so images can be up and online quicker than a sneezing panda.

Working with you, we’ll zero in on your shoot story – and the moments of life you want to capture. What is the emotion you want to convey? What’s the takeout you’re after?

And yes, we’ll have some fun. That’s really important.


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