Yashica 635.


Yashica 635.


Old skool Yashica 635. Taken on the 18th June 2017. Yeah, retro baby.

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Excellent! I'm chuffed. The images in the Store are set up for personal download use, but I'm more than happy to quote on image use for business purposes which won't be a lot more but will require a credit on any material. Basically, please don't download and then use it on a billboard without asking. Not cool.

Drop me a line on graeme@worsfold.photos if you want to talk further.

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To sum up: you may download this photograph and use for personal use, though it is understood that any copyright of these digital files remain the property of the photographer Worsfold and if they are to be used for advertising, display or any business purpose, you must contact graeme@worsfold.photos for extended licensing.